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Local Expertise at Their Fingertips

When travelers aren’t in-transit, in-flight, or in their hotel room relaxing, they're planning activities that require various sources and real-time customization. With LEXETravel, you can offer your customers a one-stop dynamic local experience guide that works.


Travel Activities is the 3rd largest segment in travel. We can quickly help you add value and utility throughout your travelers's journeys.

Deep Content & Data

We process millions of pieces of local content and data daily — categorizing, indexing, and ranking for relevance to give your travelers what they need. 

Local Relevance

Proprietary location infrastructure allows you to deliver your travelers relevant results across content categories in every city and town.

Benefit From Experience Facilitation

Drive increased engagement with your travelers by delivering activity planning value, utility, and inspiration.

Engage More

Keep travelers on-page and on-task by allowing them to plan all aspects of their travel and avoiding abandoned itineraries.

Increase Conversions

Drive increased bookings and conversions by offering facilitation across ALL relevant towns vs. only major cities.

Build Loyalty

Increase the value of your relationship beyond just booking to help drive loyalty and repeat visits from your travelers.

Optimize Better

Gather valuable data about the interests and activities of your customers to help inform and optimize your offerings.


Product Features

Global ready location infrastructure with full US coverage of all cities and towns.

Content Options

Integration and application of client content

Customization of content across dozens of lifestyle and local categories for both business and leisure travel


Implementation Options

Domain & Proxy Solutions

(iframe, javascript, chatbot, voice, API)

Booking Capabilities
(restaurants, concerts/events, broadway, planned activities eg. tours/sightseeing)



Color & font

Prioritization of client offerings

Client content integration

Content categories

Geographic coverage

Editorial enhancement

Domain implementation vs. integration implementation

Image library upgrade


Local Inspiration

Our location specific editorial content offers an additional level of curated guidance to the "best-of" everything that's local.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you really claim to cover all cities and towns across the us?

Indeed we can. We first started as a local community content publisher and over the years learned how to scale that effort to every city, town and even village in the US. Since then we've leveraged that capability to help brands like AARP,, YP and others scale their efforts to any and every town in the US. Ask us to show you and we'll prove it. Or better, try out LEXETravel. 

How do you make use of our content, assets and priorities?

Once you determine what assets and content you'd like integrated, we ingest it into our system, index it to location, categories by type of content, rank for geographic relevance and then prepare it for re-distribution. We can also provide editorial services to help localize if you desire. 

How and where do you get the content that powers this solution?

We mine and process millions of data and content each day across dozens of categories to provide the type of fresh and relevant experiences our clients want to deliver to their audiences. We do this by working with dozens of first rate sources as well as processing and packaging millions of pieces of unstructured data and organizing that for use. As an example, we know when and where every farmer's market in the US takes place and for how long. We also know the graduation dates of every college and university across the US. Many providers know big festivals but do they know about all the local ones? We do and there are many examples of this type of content.

Will this increase traffic across channels including search rankings?

That all depends on why and how you utilize our platform. Some brands are looking to deepen engagement and conversion for site visitors while others are looking to drive people in. In the first case, a combination of sourced content and editorial can deliver search benefit but also higher levels of conversion from the site. Our API also offers brands the opportunity to add local relevance to their outbound communications e.g., ads, social, mobile messaging in combination with the enhanced landing or property page experience that drives higher levels of traffic and bookings.

Where do you fit in our marketing stack?

We fit in presence. Usually with website, social and e-commerce teams and tools. 


How else can we benefit from this tool?

For one, we have helped increase email open rates by over 40% by  using our easy single template geo-optimizing email approach and adding in local relevance based on the recipient's location. Another way our platform adds value is by integrating into our client's data & analytics packages, allowing them to learn from the audience's behaviors and areas of focus.

What departments do you traditionally interface with in client organizations?

It really depends on what kind and size of client. We've worked with departments from the inside out of organizations. From brand and media teams to those responsible for regional, local, location, franchise marketing, we've worked with them.

How does pricing work?

We have a free ad-supported version and we have several other tiers that can be found here. Ultimately the pricing logic comes down to platform licensing, number and type of content and geographic coverage. You can see illustrations of plans here

Do you work with our agencies on implementation or direct with us?

In most cases we've worked directly with clients to develop and then with vendors or agency partners to coordinate execution. In a few instances we've worked with agency partners start to finish. In either case, we play great in the sandbox!

What are the steps and timings for implementation?

The steps for implementation are to agree on the objectives of the effort, the type of plan and components that will best realize the end goal

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