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3 Tips For Real Estate Agents To Sell More Than Just A Home

Real estate agents: When someone is looking to buy a home, they’re not buying just the home. So, you shouldn’t just be selling one!

Daily Shot: Realtors - 3 Ways To Showcase Your Local Expertise

Hey realtors and agents, check out our latest Daily Shot where Mike Raleigh, VP Growth, provides tips on delivering your local expertise in your digital presence!

Daily Shot: Clicks, Conversions, and Fishing

We're clarifying the role of the ad vs. the landing page in driving performance!

Marketers: Are Your Landing Pages Delivering on Customer Expectations?

Recent studies have shown that geotargeting and geofencing can double the performance of national ads.

A Race To The Bottom: OTAs and the Travel Industry

Companies in the travel industry must feel as if they are in a zero-sum business. As if the only thing anyone cares about anymore is how much they’re going to pay. Consumers say it. Businesses say it. But worst of all, it’s a race to the bottom that gives the Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) – who don’t have physical locations to pay for and manage – an obvious advantage.

Daily Shot: Realtors: Don't Forget The First Rule of Marketing

Realtors: When you’re selling a home, you can’t forget the first rule of marketing! Check out our Daily Shot where we discuss how to sell more than just a home when selling a home!

Real Estate Agents: Never Forget The First Rule of Marketing

Real estate agents: When someone is looking to buy a home, they’re only interested in the home, right?

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