The Local Brew #73: The Concierge Is Nowhere To Be Found

It’s unscalable for hotel chain brands to keep up "concierge of old" services that cater to hotel guest need for things to do and places to go. Thanks to LEXETravel, hotels can deliver things-to-do planning easily and efficiently. Check it out: https://www.americantownsmedia.com/lexetravel

The Local Brew #72: Driving Customers In-Store During The Holidays

Today we’re sharing quick turn tips for brick and mortar businesses looking to drive more in-store visits during the next few weeks of the holiday season!

The Local Brew #71: Phocuswright 2018 Recap

Following our recent trip to LA for Phocuswright 2018, we're recapping major themes and talking the launch of our LEXETravel solution

The Local Brew #70: Helping Brands Meet Customer Demand For Customization

Consumers expect personalized experiences from brands as technology continues to evolve. Are you delivering relevant and useful experiences for consumers, even before they give you personal information? Local Content Optimization can make this possible by leveraging hyperlocal data to drive people to your site or your store!

The Local Brew #69: Tourism Boards - Inspiring Travel Beyond Major Metros

Tourism boards are great at inspiring travel to their most popular destinations, but what about all of the other locations travelers visit? LEXETravel allows you to efficiently provide experience planning across any city, town, or even village within the state thanks to our full US coverage, all without focus being taken from your locations that drive the most traffic. Find out how!

The Local Brew #68: LEXETravel - Providing RV Enthusiasts With All They're Looking For

RV Industry: Are you providing the value and utility necessary for RV enthusiasts to plan the different aspects of their trips? LEXETravel can help you provide these travelers with the local content and activity planning that they want and need when plotting the trip or on the road.

The Local Brew #67: Trends Driving Experiential Travel In 2019

Today we’re discussing some of the trends driving experiential travel in 2019 and the importance of technology at the heart of these trends. LEXETravel is a great solution for travel brands to deliver experience planning tools to understand what your travelers are interested in and why.

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