The Local Brew #40: Evolving Real Estate Agent Website Presence

REAL Trends suggests implementing AI/chat and lifestyle search to evolve the web presence for real estate agents. We’ll deliver a bit more of a focus on the lifestyle portion.

The Local Brew #39: The Benefit of Local for Dating Websites

Dating websites - helping your members find an agreeable and safe location to connect for the first time would be a really useful and welcomed feature. Local Content Optimization can help by surfacing all local area of interest attractions to help your members find these locations right from your site.

The Local Brew #38: Staying Active in the 7 Stages of the Hotel Guest Journey

Hotels need to be active through all stages of the guest journey! Today we’re discussing how Local Content Optimization can help add guest value across numerous stages.

The Local Brew #37: Adding Geo-Relevance to Your Marketing Efforts

Today we're discussing three reasons why local should be a big part of your marketing efforts!

The Local Brew #36: Hotel Brands and Customer Experience

Concierges of old are turning in their graves! In such a competitive environment it's imperative that hotels deliver travel activity planning tools to their guests through their travels. Beware, your guests can and will get this experience elsewhere if you don't provide it!

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