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Local Brew Video #78: Helping Hotels Meet Traveler Expectations

Experiential travel continues to rise. We’re discussing the need for hotel brands need to shift to meet the changing environment and how LEXETravel can help!

The Local Brew #77: Amex Global Business Travel and Lola.com

Today we’re discussing the exciting new partnership between Amex Global Business Travel and Lola.com, what this means for the evolution of corporate travel programs and sharing an opportunity to add in our LEXETravel solution!

The Local Brew #76: Driving Consumer Intent Without Consent?!?!?

Thanks to mobile, it’s easier than ever before to drive intent with consumers, but privacy continues to be an issue. Thanks to Local Content Optimization (LCO), you can make an impact with audiences when they’re looking for you, even before they give you their personal data! Reach out to learn how the impact of Mass Local can help your brand!

The Local Brew #75: LEXETravel - Helping Budget Airlines Stand Out From Competition

Today we’re discussing an opportunity that budget airlines have to stand out from competition: Becoming more of a lifestyle booking engine. There many "Low Price" booking sites. So why yours? Helping travelers plan all or most aspects of their trip vs. just booking their flight will keep them on-page through the booking and create lifetime value.

The Local Brew #74: LEXETravel - Keeping Potential Guests On-Task Through Booking

LEXETravel allows travel brands to deliver activity planning facilitation on-page, keeping potential customers on-task with you through to booking. Once they leave you to search the other aspects, you may lose them. Don't let that happen, reach out to us!

The Local Brew #73: The Concierge Is Nowhere To Be Found

It’s unscalable for hotel chain brands to keep up "concierge of old" services that cater to hotel guest need for things to do and places to go. Thanks to LEXETravel, hotels can deliver things-to-do planning easily and efficiently. Check it out: https://www.americantownsmedia.com/lexetravel

The Local Brew #72: Driving Customers In-Store During The Holidays

Today we’re sharing quick turn tips for brick and mortar businesses looking to drive more in-store visits during the next few weeks of the holiday season!

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