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Marketers: Are Your Landing Pages Delivering on Customer Expectations?

Recent studies have shown that geotargeting and geofencing can double the performance of national ads.

Great news for marketers! But here’s the problem:

You don’t actually care about clicks. You care about conversions.

And your digital ads, no matter how hyperlocal or geotargeted they are, don’t convert.

Landing pages convert. Or at least, landing pages are supposed to convert. In most cases, they don’t.

The average click through rate (CTR) for digital ads lies just under 2%. Of that 2% who clicked, only about 2.5% convert.

That’s not much!

People who ostensibly were interested enough in what your geotargeted marketing was offering to leave the page they went to of their own accord to follow your ad.

Your ad did exactly what it was meant to do – intrigued the audience enough to take an action.

But now your landing page let them slip away.

AmericanTowns Media Blog Marketers: Are Your Landing Pages Delivering on Customer Expectations?Why? Because you didn’t deliver on the expected experience.

They expected you to continue the conversation that you started. But instead, you either gave them a form, or asked them where they were, even though your ad stated where they were.

Whoops, that’s a miss!

So, what do you do? Forgo the effectiveness of hyperlocal ads because you can’t efficiently deliver a local presence on the landing page?

No, of course not.

You need to stop thinking of the landing page as just a lead gen form and start thinking of why your customer landed there in the first place.

Think about what your customer is expecting and deliver on that.

Deliver an experience that is as local as the media implied it would be and you will reap the benefits.

Seem unscalable? Reach out to us!

Nicole Vitale
Nicole Vitale
Growth Marketing Associate

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