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Nicole Vitale

Nicole Vitale

Growth Marketing Associate

Recent Posts:

The Local Brew #68: LEXETravel - Providing RV Enthusiasts With All They're Looking For

RV Industry: Are you providing the value and utility necessary for RV enthusiasts to plan the different aspects of their trips? LEXETravel can help you provide these travelers with the local content and activity planning that they want and need when plotting the trip or on the road.

The Local Brew #65: Adding Value and Utility for Car Renters

When someone books a car, there’s a lot that happens between their pick up and drop off spot. They’re out experiencing their trip. Imagine if you could add value through activity planning facilitation for your customers to separate you from the competition. LEXETravel can make this possible, reach out to learn more!

The Local Brew #61: How Local Weather Data Can Drive Your Brand

Today we’re discussing a few examples of how brands can use local weather data in their stores, as well as in their outbound marketing efforts such as emails, ads, and social pages, to drive business results!

The Local Brew #57: State of Retail - More Renaissance Than Apocalypse

Standard Cognition’s AI-Powered Checkout is a great example of retailers keeping up with the ever-changing environment. Though useful, it's only one piece of the puzzle. It's a great experience once in the store, but stores still need to drive people in. That’s where Local Content Optimization comes in, providing the persuasive relevance to drive customers into the store for a better experience overall!

The Local Brew #54: College Football Tourism: Helping Local Businesses Thrive

College football has created a whole new category of tourism that is continuously growing. This creates great potential for success for businesses in the local area to drive revenue. We discuss opportunities for local businesses to cater to out-of-town college football guests and how Local Content Optimization can help create that welcoming, locally-empathetic presence for guests.

The Local Brew #51: Helping Realtors Share Their Local Expertise In Their Digital Presence

A recent article by Agent Image mentions 3 key trends realtors should focus on. We expand on the suggestion to go local and discuss why realtors often miss the mark with attempts to share their hyperlocal expertise in their digital presence. See how Local Content Optimization can help make it easy and effective.

The Local Brew #47: Keeping Location-Based Marketing Cool, Not Creepy

We love to see brands using location-based marketing to reach their customers and REI does something cool here to inspire their customers looking for adventure. But as the number of brands engaging in geo-fencing grows, consumers may increasingly be tired of the interruptions. It’s important for brands to be ready to assist when customers are actually looking for inspiration and though it may seem difficult, there are great tools that can easily deliver, making REI a destination.

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