Nicole Vitale

Nicole Vitale

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The Local Brew #43: "Local" is Imperative Now More Than Ever

Is YEXT's shying away from the term "local" and moving to Online Brand Management to increase appeal with enterprise brands being done at exactly the wrong time?

The Local Brew #42: Evolving Customer Experience Beyond the 4 Walls of Your Location to Drive Revenue

Brands need to focus on delivering a great experience in digital before and even after customers engage with their business, in addition to their in-store experience. We’re discussing 3 things brands should think about planning a CX agenda and how Local Content Optimization can help make this possible.

The Local Brew #38: Staying Active in the 7 Stages of the Hotel Guest Journey

Hotels need to be active through all stages of the guest journey! Today we’re discussing how Local Content Optimization can help add guest value across numerous stages.

The Local Brew #34: Indochino

Indochino does a great job of bringing local flavor into their stores. We should add that bringing that same flavor to their location pages might drive significant benefit in terms of store visits and appointments. It’s critical to balance rational with emotional. Local Content Optimization can make this easy and efficient!

The Local Brew #30: The Great Pizza Debate... and Tacos... and Pancakes

We're talking tacos, pancakes and pizza, and how in locations around the country, terminology and expectations may differ! It’s important that brands understand location-based differences and market appropriately.

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