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Nicole Vitale

Nicole Vitale

Growth Marketing Associate

Recent Posts:

Real Estate Agents: Never Forget The First Rule of Marketing

Real estate agents: When someone is looking to buy a home, they’re only interested in the home, right?

Local Brew Video #79: TripAdvisor's Experiences and Restaurants Businesses Outpace Vacation Rentals

There’s much more to a trip than the flight, hotel, and ground transportation. People are out experiencing! Travel brands like TripAdvisor realize this, but can't limit themselves to just bookable tours and attractions. LEXETravel can help!

The Local Brew #76: Driving Consumer Intent Without Consent?!?!?

Thanks to mobile, it’s easier than ever before to drive intent with consumers, but privacy continues to be an issue. Thanks to Local Content Optimization (LCO), you can make an impact with audiences when they’re looking for you, even before they give you their personal data! Reach out to learn how the impact of Mass Local can help your brand!

The Local Brew #72: Driving Customers In-Store During The Holidays

Today we’re sharing quick turn tips for brick and mortar businesses looking to drive more in-store visits during the next few weeks of the holiday season!

The Local Brew #68: LEXETravel - Providing RV Enthusiasts With All They're Looking For

RV Industry: Are you providing the value and utility necessary for RV enthusiasts to plan the different aspects of their trips? LEXETravel can help you provide these travelers with the local content and activity planning that they want and need when plotting the trip or on the road.

The Local Brew #65: Adding Value and Utility for Car Renters

When someone books a car, there’s a lot that happens between their pick up and drop off spot. They’re out experiencing their trip. Imagine if you could add value through activity planning facilitation for your customers to separate you from the competition. LEXETravel can make this possible, reach out to learn more!

The Local Brew #61: How Local Weather Data Can Drive Your Brand

Today we’re discussing a few examples of how brands can use local weather data in their stores, as well as in their outbound marketing efforts such as emails, ads, and social pages, to drive business results!

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