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Mike Raleigh

Mike Raleigh

Vice President, Growth at AmericanTowns Media and a 20 year veteran of multi-discipline marketing. Speaker. Entrepreneur. Dreamer. Passionate about making brands connect with consumers in ways that are mutually beneficial.

Recent Posts:

Driving Local Relevance with Nextdoor

The increased focus on “local” isn’t lost on most national marketers. But those same national brands have generally tended to view local marketing as inefficient and unscalable. So, what’s the trick to making local efforts pay off?

Where I Want To Be: How Marketers Screw Up Geotargeting

There is an old Sales and Marketing tactic that used to be popular in business, but has lost favor because, well, it can be prosecuted as fraud. It used to work like this:

Realtors: Buying A Home Is About Much More Than Buying A Home

The problem with selling a home generally isn’t the home. It isn’t the person selling the home (well, most of the time). And you know, it really isn’t even the price. The problem with selling a home by and large comes down to the first rule of marketing – something that applies to home selling just as much as it does to soda pop selling or car selling or anything-else selling.

The Local Brew #77: Amex Global Business Travel and Lola.com

Today we’re discussing the exciting new partnership between Amex Global Business Travel and Lola.com, what this means for the evolution of corporate travel programs and sharing an opportunity to add in our LEXETravel solution!

The Local Brew #73: The Concierge Is Nowhere To Be Found

It’s unscalable for hotel chain brands to keep up "concierge of old" services that cater to hotel guest need for things to do and places to go. Thanks to LEXETravel, hotels can deliver things-to-do planning easily and efficiently. Check it out: https://www.americantownsmedia.com/lexetravel

The Local Brew #70: Helping Brands Meet Customer Demand For Customization

Consumers expect personalized experiences from brands as technology continues to evolve. Are you delivering relevant and useful experiences for consumers, even before they give you personal information? Local Content Optimization can make this possible by leveraging hyperlocal data to drive people to your site or your store!

The Local Brew #66: Using Location Data To Drive Business Results

Many brands believe hyperlocal efforts are too time intensive and unscalable. Thanks to Local Content Optimization, brands can use ever-current local data to power their ads, email, social and location pages, etc., providing an empathetic, localized experience for customers for a fraction of the time, effort, and cost traditionally expected!

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