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Jim Maglione

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The Local Brew #41: Post-Click Ad Experiences

Highly personalized, geo-relevant ads are a great first step for brands looking to hyperlocalize their marketing efforts. An unfortunate trend we’ve seen is those ads leading to a generic company page, corporate page, or a form page. We’re discussing how Local Content Optimization can optimize landing pages to increase post-click performance.

The Local Brew #36: Hotel Brands and Customer Experience

Concierges of old are turning in their graves! In such a competitive environment it's imperative that hotels deliver travel activity planning tools to their guests through their travels. Beware, your guests can and will get this experience elsewhere if you don't provide it!

The Local Brew #31: Millennials Don't Have a Corner on the Market

Let's be clear that it's across all demographics that near me searches are increasing, not just millennials! It can be dangerous to have too narrow of a focus.

The Local Brew #27: Allstate's "Park Road" Ad

Allstate's "Park Road" ad is great at expressing local empathy for different cities and towns in the US. As good as it is, the digital experience for a consumer doesn't tow the line. We're discussing how Local Content Optimization could help thread the needle.

The Local Brew #23: Outfitter Brands

Today we are talking about how Local Content Optimization can help outdoor outfitters drive middle of the funnel performance.

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