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Ed Panian

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The Local Brew #44: If Bad Retail Is Dead, What Makes "Good" Retail?

Good retail starts with great focus on customer experience throughout the marketing ecosystem. Personalization for frequent shoppers is manageable, but is there a way to increase personalization for less frequent shoppers that still deliver significant revenue?

The Local Brew #37: Adding Geo-Relevance to Your Marketing Efforts

Today we're discussing three reasons why local should be a big part of your marketing efforts!

The Local Brew #32: Weight Loss Plans

Local in-person peer support helps WW and Jenny Craig stand out over online-only weight loss programs. Enhancing this local presence can further distance them from competition. Local Content Optimization can help by giving current & prospective members local inspiration and facilitation, such as local beach yoga classes or walking trails uniquely across physical locations and even in markets where they don't have a physical store.

The Local Brew #28: Corporate Travel Policies

Why do 50% of employees work around corporate travel policies and programs? We talk about the challenges and what can be done.

The Local Brew #25: Pet Retailers vs. E-Commerce

Pet owners want and need far more than pet supplies from their local pet retailers. Today we're talking about how pet retail can gain an increased advantage locally.

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