The Local Brew #66: Using Location Data To Drive Business Results

Many brands believe hyperlocal efforts are too time intensive and unscalable. Thanks to Local Content Optimization, brands can use ever-current local data to power their ads, email, social and location pages, etc., providing an empathetic, localized experience for customers for a fraction of the time, effort, and cost traditionally expected!

The Local Brew #65: Adding Value and Utility for Car Renters

When someone books a car, there’s a lot that happens between their pick up and drop off spot. They’re out experiencing their trip. Imagine if you could add value through activity planning facilitation for your customers to separate you from the competition. LEXETravel can make this possible, reach out to learn more!

The Local Brew #64: LEXETravel - Helping OTAs Meet Consumer Expectation

Online travel agents have the opportunity to be more of an experience planning platform than a research tool for customers no matter where their destination! Thanks to LEXETravel, you can easily and efficiently offer "experience planning" value and utility for your customers with coverage across any and all locations throughout the US!

The Local Brew #63: National Brands - It Doesn't Have To Be Expensive To Be Local

Traditionally, it’s been laborious and expensive for big brands to try and connect locally. Thanks to Local Content Optimization, national brands can seamlessly deliver unique, empathetic experiences for customers at any geographic scale, combining brand messaging with local relevance to drive revenue across marketing channels.

The Local Brew #62: LEXETravel - Helping Hotels Express Their Local Insider Knowledge

PSA to hotels: It is easier than you think to upgrade your “things to do” or “local area” sections of your property pages! Provide value and utility for your guests with the best planning experience through LEXETravel. Reach out to learn more!

The Local Brew #61: How Local Weather Data Can Drive Your Brand

Today we’re discussing a few examples of how brands can use local weather data in their stores, as well as in their outbound marketing efforts such as emails, ads, and social pages, to drive business results!

The Local Brew #60: LEXETravel - Keeping Potential Renters On Page Throughout The Booking Process

Sharing economy brands looking to drive bookings: are you providing dynamic activity planning tools on your site to keep potential renters on page & on task throughout the booking process? Luckily, LEXETravel can provide this information right on your site for your customers!

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