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Local Content Optimization and Geo-Personalization at Unprecedented Scale

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Did You Say Local At Scale?

With AmericanTowns Media, it's finally possible to create a geo-personalized brand presence, at scale, that delivers contextually relevant content marketing experiences, helping drive salience and conversion across channels. Here are 4 key reasons clients work with us:



Intelligent platform enables
your scalable local marketing presence across all targeted towns or geographic areas.

Asset Integration
& Management

Processing and
contextualizing your valuable
but underutilized content assets
at the local level.

Deep Local
Content + Data

Millions of dynamic location-
based content and data points provide rich local content for your brand.


Facilitating highly contextualized content experiences for the end user where they are now or where they are going next.

Are You Delivering Value and Utility In Your Content Marketing? 

The world of GDPR and privacy concerns mean that you need to treat your audience as you would your paying customers. Think of it as them granting you data vs. just mining for it. See how we help brands add value that creates increased engagement and conversion. 
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How Can Technology Enable Scaled Geo-Relevance For Visitors? 

Current technologies provide us with tremendous targeting tools that have the potential to make advertising more relevant to the audience. But no matter how targeted we get with push messaging, there's still a likelihood of interrupting consumers when they aren't looking for us. Increasingly, they are looking for us to show up on-demand with a great experience in the micro-moments when they are looking to learn, go, do or buy. 

Enter Local Content Optimization (LCO), an ad technology solution that allows marketers to improve their marketing efforts by locally contextualizing their brand or business presence experience at scale with an ever-current mix of their own content and content from many types of local and lifestyle categories to deliver a rich contextual experience across channels.


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What Are the Benefits of LCO?


Expanded Audience Size. Increased SEO organic results.


Increased traffic from search, social, paid, email, direct.

Level 3: DESIRE

Increased value and relevance drive deeper and more frequent engagement.

Level 4: ACTION

Increases in CTR, open rates, conversions, renewals, and more actionables.


Deeper engagement drives loyalty and drop opt-out / unsubscribe rates.

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Are You Ready to Make LCO Work For You?

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